Genius Hour Resources for Students

Please feel free to add links and ideas that will help students participate in Genius Hour.

Google's 80/20 Principle Applies to Students

How 30 Minutes a Day Can Increase Your Intelligence -

How Geniuses Think (skip to second half) -

Five Steps To Becoming an Expert -

The"Best" Resources For Learning about the 10,000 Hour Rule and Deliberate Practice, collected by Larry Ferlazzo

20% Projects are 100% Awesome


What is Genius Hour?

Genius Hour: Follow Your Passion

Personal Learning and Creation Time by Philip McIntosh
Instructable mentioned in video:

Mr. Rogers Remix - Garden of Your Mind -

Caine's Arcade -

Caine's Arcade... the sequel! -

Pep Talk from Kid President to You -

13-Year-Old Genius Builds Generators - Self-Taught African Teen Wows MIT

Richard St. John - The Power of Passion -

Matt Cutts - Try Something New for 30 Days -

What is Curation? -

Everyday Leaders -

How to Start a Movement -

Thomas Suarez - 12-Year-Old iPhone App Developer -

William Kamkwamba - 14-Year-Old Who Read a Book and Made a Windmill for His Family -

Amy Purdy - Living Beyond Limits -

How Fiction Can Influence Real-World Events -

Adora Svitak - What Adults Can Learn from Kids -

Derek Sivers - Obvious to you. Amazing to Others -

IDEO Shopping Cart Design -

Here's to the Crazy Ones....Think Different -

How much do you want it? (Blind skateboarder) -

What's Your Sentence? (From Drive, by Daniel Pink) -

Five Minutes (a Day) to Change the World -


Kathleen Furtado - History of Bow Ties

Shayla - Sewing a Bunny

Burke Baehr - What's Wrong With Our Food System? -

Natalie Warne - Anonymous Extraordinares -!

Tara Suri & Niha Jain - Learning to Fail -

Arianna Huffington - How to Succeed? Get More Sleep -

Audri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap

Presentation Habits to UN-Learn -

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