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Also check out some documents used by Genius Hour teachers. You can download these for your use! Let us know if you want to upload your own for others to use. Thanks!




Genius Hour Guidelines - Creativity Rubric by Denise
If you have Google Drive, you can open, go to File > Make a Copy. Then you can use it as it is, or revise and edit for your purposes.
Here is a Word Doc version too.

Genius Hour Evaluation by Denise
Spreadsheet that you can use as a form for students to complete after genius hour. Just save a copy for yourself and edit it as you wish.
A Google Doc to gather ideas for genius hour by Denise - Edit and add your own models of genius activities! "My Genius List of Thingsto Do and Be"

Revised Creativity Rubric
Based on rubric by Denise Krebs

by Gallit
This is the form that I used to give them after they were done presenting their Genius Hour projects. I asked them to reflect upon the questions and make comments, as well as give themselves a mark (based on our 4,3,2,1 marking). Feel free to save a copy to use with your class and/or edit a copy for yourself as you wish.
Note: I have since stopped using these forms, and now my students just blog about their learning journey instead!
This is the page that I hand out at the get ideas going. By Gallit - edit as you wish

Here is another video from Daniel Pink -
The Puzzle of Motivation

Video from Paul Bogush

I've taken Denise's and Gallit's and a co-worker's versions of reflection and created this reflection rubric. (Not graded...)
Be a Problem FINDER - TEDxLondon Talk by Ewan McIntosh (Joy's inspiration) - 8 min. -
20% Time in One Classroom - - Check out how McGee started it with his students! By Joy

Here is the goal sheet (front) and reflection sheet (back) I'm using for my two-week 1-1 conferences with students.
Google 20% Time at School -
12 Most Genius Questions In the World, according to Angela Maiers - Click Here

Article for MiddleWeb
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Interview with Imagination Foundation
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Exit Slipvia Joy Kirr and Sheri Edwards. Use this to have students report at the end of Genius Hour. It might be good for students who are not always staying engaged.

Interview with CoolCatTeacher on
BAM Radio Network
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